Who are we ?

SPM specializes in vehicle marking and identification. The company, located in Bourg-en-Bresse, has developed a comprehensive concept for marking on plastic (number plate manufacturer, motorcycle, car ...) number plates to enable its business clients to reply promptly to all requests from their customers. The system complies with regulations and makes simple that which is legally complex. With our fully automated central production site,we guarantee fast deployment for new references, a high level of responsiveness to your requests and the assurance of being fully compliant with the latest legislation. Some figures :

- 18 sales staff in Europe

- More than 5,900 machines for hire

- More than 3.5 million number plates produced each year

- A capital of €7,265,140

- A branche in Spain


Our references:

-We are ISO 9001 certified

- Our products are listed with major brands such as: PSA, Renault, GVF, Autodistribution, GAUSS, Leclerc, etc.


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